Senior Vice President of Marketing

DaChé Williams

DaChé Williams is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at StrideMD.

As the founder of Mentor.Social, DaChé has leveraged her background in marketing, behavioral therapy, and sociology to redefine digital mentorship. With a Master’s in Sociology from Florida Atlantic University, she has a deep understanding of social dynamics and their impact on connected communities. Her experience as a Division 1 college basketball player has instilled in her the discipline and teamwork essential for leadership.

DaChé’s expertise in the Adobe Creative Suite and her entrepreneurial spirit are evident in her work with DaChéDesigns, where she has crafted successful marketing strategies for various clients. Her focus on innovative, technology-driven solutions has resulted in increased brand awareness and customer engagement.

DaChé holds a Bachelor’s degree in Labor Studies and Employment Relations from Rutgers University and a Master’s degree in Sociology from Florida Atlantic University. Her certifications in digital marketing and e-commerce further enhance her marketing expertise.

SVP of Marketing of StrideMD
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