Chief Commercial Officer

Scott Hozebin, MBA

Scott Hozebin is the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at StrideMD.

With over 20 years of experience in bringing medical advancements to market, Scott leads the growth strategy at StrideMD, a leader in interconnected care. He is passionate about introducing transformational products and accelerating their adoption to benefit patients, clinicians, and caregivers. Scott’s expertise in merging biosensors, AI, chatbots, voice recognition, IoT, and remote patient monitoring drives his goal of creating smarter medical technology. His focus is on aggregating intellectual capital for the innovation economy and making a positive impact on health outcomes.

Before joining StrideMD, Scott spent 17 years at Dexcom as an Executive Business Manager, where he significantly sped up the adoption rate of transformational products through a mechanized process. His extensive background also includes roles such as Clinical Liaison at Reckitt Benckiser, Specialty Sales Representative at Forest Laboratories, and Member of the Board of Education in Meriden, Connecticut. Additionally, Scott has entrepreneurial experience, having developed and executed successful start-up business plans.

Scott is a proud graduate of the FIU Chapman Graduate School of Business, where he earned his Executive MBA. He also holds a certificate in Drug and Medical Device Development from MIT xPRO and a B.S. in Physical Education from Central Connecticut State University.

CCO of StrideMD
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